High Praise & Recognition (2014)

V-tech Environmental Services honored the Lubbock State Supported Living Center as our 2014 Charitable Giving recipient. Representatives of the State Supported Living Center enjoyed a home cooked feast prepared by Ms. Tish Keller and staff at Triple J. Chophouse. Keegan Vann, Lorene Cole and Jarrod Redwine of V-tech honored seven (7) residents with metals of honor and shared Christmas gifts with staff and residents. Triple J Chophouse prepared a special menu and really excelled as our host. Keegan Vann and Lorene Cole of V-tech coordinated the event along with Jarrod Redwine emceeing.

The State Supported Living Center is a 226-acre campus that provides homes to 206 amazing young adults. Physical or mental challenges may prevent these men and women from living a normal day-to-day life as we know it - but they are compassionate about living, work, art, and receiving a paycheck. We see the effort made by professionals at the State Supported Living Center to develop vocational services and provide residents with on-site workshops and the opportunity to work in a community-based setting. These young adults bless us each and every day. We are very grateful for the services they provide to our community and our business.