Hurricane Katrina

First Responder - A Poem Written by Brad Robb

When a wisp of wind forms a powerful storm moving across ocean waves
It triggers a series of motions that often leads to darker days

The weather changes, the tide turns with force racing toward shore
And often people stare, entrapped with wonder at something they’ve not witnessed before

Warnings are sounded, evacuations are made, but everyone cannot go
The weak, the poor, the injured and the old, most remain at home

The winds howl, the waters rise, the city falls on its knees
People falter and look up in fear, screaming someone help us please

Daylight breaks, first responders arrive, saving some that could wait
But for others who tried to shoulder the storm, sadly it was just too late

When waters recede, dangers are removed and safe havens are restored
Some people return to start life anew, some will go there no more

But such is the cycle of weather and life when with hard times we must deal
Those tenuous times when we call on God to strengthen our resolve and our will

Brad Robb