V-tech Proudly Donates Time to American Red Cross

April 5, 2012: The Dallas area was hit by twelve F-2 and F-3 tornados on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. The South Plains Chapter of American Red Cross was dispatched to help with the aftermath. The ARC Staff was focused on providing disaster assistance and support to the metroplex. Therefore, mowing the front lawn was put on hold. V-tech immediately saw a need and we wanted to provide assistance and perform a good deed. The front lawn, flower beds and alley of the South Plains Chapter of American Red Cross needed Spring Cleaning. Weeds were growing in the front lawn. Trash was building up in flower beds, portico and side lawn. Weeds were overgrown in alley. Beer bottles were thrown in yard. Blow dirt, weeds and gravel were observed in driveway and along the sidewalks. The front bushes desperately needed pruning. Trees were overhanging the sidewalk. Leaves and organic debris littered the front flower beds. V-tech's staff quickly sprang into action. We were able to spruce up the lawn in no time. Our staff enjoyed the freshness of the morning and loved surprising the staff. Molly quickly came running out the front door to see what all of the commotion was about. Judy provided a welcoming hug of appreciation and a warm smile. We all knew our work was greatly appreciated. It was so much fun surprising them out of their socks!!!