Preparing for the Pandemic Flu

Close up of Bird Flu virus

Pandemic flu or "Bird Flu" as it is more commonly called, has been a reason for concern, as of late, and it is out of this concern that we want to stress the need for all of us to be self-sufficient in the time of a crisis. Self-sufficiency is important because it is likely that a disaster of such magnitude can quickly overwhelm the emergency services network - leaving average citizens and faith-based organizations as the first chain of response.

"Anything we say before a pandemic happens - feels alarmist. Anything we have done once a pandemic starts seems inadequate." – Michael Leavitt, U.S. Secretary for Health & Human Services

Social disruption may be widespread - therefore normal services such as banking, church, health care facilities, restaurants, government offices, and the post office may be disrupted. Schools may be closed for a period of time and we may need extra resources in the event of a loss of income.

Above all, we would like our clients, friends, and family to remember:
Be Prepared. Stay Healthy. Get Informed. It is local preparedness that will make a difference.

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Businesses should consult the Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist or


Individuals should consult the Guide for Individuals and Families

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