Like Great Merlot, Redwine Gets Better With Time

Armed with an environmental science degree from West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas, Jarrod Redwine set out with one goal in mind: find a job—ANY job—in the environmental science field. He knew he wanted to use his degree, but wasn’t exactly clear how or where. With the world as his oyster, a friend recommended a visit to V-tech Environmental Services.

Jarrod readily admits that on first entering V-tech’s doors he was a sponge. “I couldn’t wait to figure out what was going on and why you did things a certain way.” Every task, every report, every project was a puzzle. “There was definitely a learning curve,” he recalled, but he loved it.

Given the proper time and support, he was soon able to take on greater responsibilities. Redwine recounted one of his biggest contributions to date has been launching storm water construction services for the company. He remembers there was not much on-the-job training to start with. “It was more like, ‘Here’s the permit. Learn it!’” After that came the challenges of finding customers and creative ways to connect with them, and following through with bids and services. Redwine humbly acknowledged the program has gone from ground zero to what it is today because of his hard work and the mentoring leadership of Polly Vann, General Manager. Lorene Cole, Office Manager, is also quick to acknowledge Redwine’s personal growth and contribution to the company. “Jarrod has grown more than anyone else in the company in the way he meets people, takes on responsibility, and adjusts to working both inside and outside of the office.” She added that Jarrod’s skills in client acquisition and developing client rapport has helped to create the company’s bread and butter--satisfied, repeat customers.

Asked about his future at the company, Redwine stated, “I just try not to get too satisfied. There is still a lot to be done in growing our client base. One of my biggest obstacles is in knowing how to get a contractor’s attention.” He admits it takes tenacity and creativity, but things must be going fine since the number of clients admittedly continues to rise despite economic challenges. He also continues to challenge himself by gaining new certifications and licensing. His latest professional development includes the completion of his Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Certification and his designation as a Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality. “No one in Lubbock has this certification, and only a handful in the state have it. This will get our company name in the International Erosion Control Association’s national database,” he says, “and potentially open up new partnerships for the company.”

These will certainly be monumental accomplishments for Jarrod, but he lists simpler events as ones he is most proud of during his tenure at V-tech. While participating in the Hurricane Ike recovery was certainly a worthy project, “purchasing equipment to install silt fence, writing my first Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, learning how to bid projects, and recruiting my first clients are the moments I’m most proud of.”

So what is on Jarrod’s agenda now? Writing more Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for local construction projects thanks to the City of Lubbock. As much as five years ago V-tech would offer to write these plans for companies, but they lost business because the local government never enforced the plans’ existence within construction projects. That has all changed with the City of Lubbock’s 2008 passage of an ordinance which requires a SWPPP to be submitted for review in conjunction with all building permit requests. This is great news for V-tech who prides itself on its expertise and professional services and sits within a burgeoning community.

Jarrod has a great future ahead of him at V-tech according to Vann. “In a span of seven years he has grown from being supervised to being a supervisor. I hope someday he will have a staff of his own.” I guess this proves it pays to never be satisfied.