Construction Storm Water Plan Development

Developing and Implementing a Plan

You must have a Plan that includes erosion and sediment controls, and pollution prevention measures and best management practices (BMPs). SWPPP Plans require:

  • Advance planning and training to ensure proper implementation of the BMPs
  • Erosion and sediment control BMPs in place until the area is permanently stabilized
  • Pollution prevention BMPs to keep the construction site "clean"
  • Regular inspection of the construction site to ensure proper installation and maintenance of BMPs

Fortunately, the practices and measures that must be included in your SWPPP are already part of the standard operating procedures at many construction sites. Six steps are associated with developing and implementing a storm water plan. The first step in preparing a Plan is to define the characteristics of the site and the type of construction that will occur. This involves collecting site information, identifying natural features that should be protected, developing a site plan design, describing the nature of the construction activity, and preparing a pollution prevention site map. There is a wealth of information available on developing pollution prevention plans. V-tech Environmental Services can provide you with a quotation for services or you can contact your permitting authority for help in finding additional guidance materials.

Site Evaluation and Design Development

  • Collect site information
  • Develop site plan design
  • Prepare pollution prevention site map


  • Measure the site area
  • Determine the drainage areas
  • Calculate the runoff coefficient

Control Selection and Plan Design

  • Review and incorporate state or local requirements
  • Select erosion and sediment controls
  • Select other controls
  • Select storm water management controls
  • Indicate the location of controls on the site map
  • Prepare an inspection and maintenance plan
  • Coordinate controls with construction activity
  • Prepare sequence of major activities