Ribbons of Blue

Ribbons of Blue and A History Lesson Too...

Like Great Merlot, Redwine Gets Better With Time

Armed with an environmental science degree from West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas, Jarrod Redwine set out with one goal in mind: find a job—ANY job—in the environmental science field. He knew he wanted to use his degree, but wasn’t exactly clear how or where. With the world as his oyster, a friend recommended a visit to V-tech Environmental Services.

City of Lubbock Ordinance: Enforcing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Submission and Review

Lubbock City Council gave final approval to Ordinance 2008-00095 on November 20, 2008, which requires a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to be submitted for City of Lubbock review in conjunction with requesting a building permit. While this ordinance is not new, enforcement has now been stepped up in order to prevent sediment and erosion from getting into Lubbock’s municipally separate storm sewer system (MS4).

V-tech Environmental Services Chosen as Blue Ribbon Winner by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Staff members of V-tech Environmental Services were notified on Monday, March 2, 2009, that their company had been chosen as a Blue Ribbon winner and one of the top 56 companies in the nation in the running to be chosen as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year. Blue Ribbon winners will be honored during the U.S. Chamber’s Small Business Summit in Washington, DC, May 11-13, 2009.

V-tech Nominated for U.S. Chamber Small Business of the Year Award

“Of course!,” was Polly Vann’s response to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce when they contacted her in January 2009 about her company’s possibly being nominated for the U.S. Chamber Small Business of the Year Award. “Whatever we can do to help Lubbock and the Chamber of Commerce, we want to do it”, Vann stated. This prestigious award will be presented at the 5th annual America’s Small Business Summit sponsored by Sam’s Club and the U.S.