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Environmental Site Assessments

V-tech Environmental provides comprehensive environmental site assessments to assist property owners, real estate firms, developers, banks, and lenders in determining potential liability associated with property acquisitions, oil & gas leases, dispositions, and ownership. V-tech is capable of identifying certain environmental conditions that may exist on the property, which are beyond the scope of published ASTM guidelines, but may warrant consideration by parties to the real estate transaction. We pride ourselves in providing the appropriate level of inquiry to further evaluate environmental impairments such as radiation or buried articles.

Environmental Assessments

  • Transactional Screens
  • All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)
  • Phase I – Environmental Assessments
  • Phase II – Intrusive Investigation
  • Phase III – Remedial Investigation

Electromagnetic Assessments

Electromagnetic Assessments are useful in determining the presence of buried objects within a subject property. These objects may include but are not limited to, culverts, pipelines, vehicles, wellheads, tools, and other buried articles. V-tech is capable of identifying magnetic anomalies and conducting other geophysical assessments.

Radiation Assessments

V-tech is equipped to perform radiation surveys on properties that may be contaminated with a technologically enhanced radioactive material. The survey will define the magnitude and scope of the contamination when present.

V-tech Offers Trained & Knowledgeable Scientists & Engineers.

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